TERRA VITA 20 biofertilizer is rich in quality essential nutrients that stimulate soils and offers an eco-friendly solution that produces healthy food.

✓ Improves plant nutrition and soil fertility
✓ Increases crop yield quantity and quality
✓ Protects against drought, diseases, and parasites
✓ Restores soil health and natural nutrient cycle
✓ Reduces the use of harmful chemicals
✓ Provides a low-cost and eco-friendly solution

What exactly is biofertilizer and why should farmers use it?

Biofertilizer, by definition, is a substance which contains living microorganisms. When applied to the roots of plants, it enters into the plant vascular system and promotes growth by increasing the micro nutrients availability to the plant.

Our TERRA VITA 20 all-natural biofertilizer is enriched with high concentration of microorganisms to improve soil fertility and increase yield quality.


Soil is the foundation of the food ecosystem and the medium in which nearly all food-producing plants grow. Healthy soils ensure healthy food. Without proper care, the soil may degrade and the lack of nutrients will negatively affect the growth of plants.

Healthy soil contributes to mitigating climate change by maintaining or increasing its carbon content.

Tera Vita 20 biofertilizer is composed of living microorganisms and a carefully selected mixture of biodegradable matters which help to restore soil to its original state and provide vital nutrients to the plant.

fertile soil

How to Use

TERRA VITA 20 biofertilizer is designed for all crops and can be used in 2 main ways:

✓ For soil maintenance and general fertilization
✓ To restore depleted soils or for soil with several crop rotations per year


The product should be applied as close to the plant roots as possible, mixed with the planting soil and/or any added substances. Terra Vita 20 biofertilizer improves soil fertility, increases efficiency and yield for long-term results.

Composition & Process

We use a carefully selected mixture of biodegradable matters to promote plant health. TERRA VITA 20 all-natural biofertilizer contains:

  • Living microorganisms
  • 100% organic substances (Vegetal and animal matters)
  • Product in Powder form (dark brown in color)
  • Organic matter (OM)> 20%
  • Water content approx. 30%
  • pH approx. 6
  • NPK 2-0.5-2 (average)
  • C/N: 16 to 22
  • Presence of the main trace elements: Mn, Fe, Mg, Cu, Bo, Zn, Mo.

TERRA VITA 20 Biofertilizer uses only local raw materials and combines them with our French Technology to transform the organic waste into a potent and beneficial product. Our biofertilizer is produced through a systematic and meticulous process:

  1. Waste collection: Local collection of raw materials that meet the required quality
  2. Crushing: Grinding or blending of raw materials
  3. Mixing: Mixing all ingredients together
  4. Fermentation: About 6-8 weeks
  5. Screening
  6. Packing
  7. Storing
  8. Delivery to customers

Because TERRA VITA 20 contains live bacteria, the natural fermentation process continues after packing as well.