Gaia Vita was greatly inspired by the small aquatic fern Azolla which is popular in rice farming and has been used in Asia for thousands of years. Azolla plants naturally fix atmospheric nitrogen and release it into the water to help rice plants grow faster and to suppress weeds.

This tiny plant is truly nature’s miracle fertilizer and its amazing properties inspired us to even feature it in our logo. Just like Azolla, our all-natural biofertilizer TERRA VITA 20 adds nutrients to crops and acts as the most environmentally-friendly soil fertilizer.


We aim to: 

✓ Ensure safety of food supply
✓ Reduce the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture
✓ Boost plant growth and increase food crop yields
✓ Protect the environment and lower pollution
✓ Mitigate climate change

Our all-natural biofertilizer TERRA VITA 20 offers a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to farmers’ needs.


We benefit from the technical expertise of BIOPOST-COFUNA — a world leader in the production of biofertilizers with over 60 years of experience in biotechnology for the agriculture industry.

Present in 5 continents, the company’s research in the field of microbiology and knowledge of soil biology make it a trusted partner that provides us with technical expertise and commercial assistance in the production of biofertilizers.

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