Improve plant nutrition and soil fertility

GAIA VITA produces all-natural biofertilizers that stimulate agricultural production while also protecting the environment.

We conserve ecosystems by using only local raw materials and combine them with our French Technology to ensure agricultural sustainability and eco-friendliness.

TERRA VITA 20 biofertilizer

GAIA VITA biofertilizer starts with locally-sourced food processing by-products (from both plants and animals) that have been analyzed and chosen for their suitability.

At our Lao factory, a microbial ferment supplied by our exclusive French partner BIOPOST-COFUNA – is added to transform this organic waste into a potent and beneficial product – our TERRA VITA 20 biofertilizer. Gaia Vita has received the Certification of Standardization of Production Processes from the Lao Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


✓ Improves plant nutrition and soil fertility
✓ Increases crop yield quantity and quality
✓ Protects against drought, diseases, and parasites
✓ Restores soil health and natural nutrient cycle
✓ Reduces the use of harmful chemicals
✓ Provides a low-cost and eco-friendly solution

Our Vision

GAIA VITA was founded with the belief that nature’s gifts must be cherished and preserved for future generations.

Since 2019 we supply natural biofertilizers that increase agricultural output while also nourishing the soil, mitigating climate change and protecting nature.

Our all-natural biofertilizer TERRA VITA 20 offers a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to farmers’ needs.